About Company

Elesta is a leading electromagnetic relay manufacturer and supplier founded in 1952.

Ever since its inception, Elesta has earned the trust of global giants and a reputation for manufacturing the most optimum quality relays and other industry applications. Elesta has emerged as a powerhouse of reliable relays catering to diverse and varying applications across industry domains.

Our commitment to offering reliable relays continually forces us to upgrade to new technology and integrate a dependable quality management team into the core system to ensure the products are sturdy and durable.

“The Growth Success and recognition of Elesta have enabled the company to export 60% of products across globe.”

Our Goal

Our goal is centered on maintaining a steady soar in the future and set foot in newer territories and eventually move our presence across the length and breadth of the world. Our goal is aimed at transforming our model of development and innovating our company structure by deeply optimizing our resources and enhancing our capacity to deliver industry applications. We believe competitiveness leads to innovation and drive, hence we encourage competition within our system to grow as a company and build our brand. Without clear goals in sight, we cannot aspire to achieve what we have set to achieve, hence we have mapped out our goals which are crucial and serve as a guide to our journey to the top. Our philosophy is not only to conduct businesses that maximize our performance but also to influence the industry and set a trailblazing example.